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All classes must be prepaid for me to advise the link to the class exercises.

After making payment for your classes go to Talking English Lesson Schedule, select the time and date suitable for you and advise me your scheduled times by

“Chat with me” or


Skype; bigdad2


1 X 100 Minute
50 Minute TalkingEnglish Lesson + 50 Minute Interactive Class US$25

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5 X 100 Minute
50 Minute TalkingEnglish Lessons + 50 Minute Interactive Class US$110

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10 X 100 Minute
50 MinuteTalkingEnglish Lessons + 50 Minute Interactive Class US$190

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20 X 100 Minute

50 MinuteTalkingEnglish Lessons + 50 Minute Interactive Class US$340

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One Response to Pay Options

  1. youbabel says:

    Youbabel is a platform for native speakers who are interested in teaching his or her mother tongue online. As Chinese people are eager to study, travel and work overseas, there is a huge market for language teaching service. The most difficult task for a Chinese learner of a foreign language is to master the basic skills of oral communication. We Suggest that native speakers design and give courses focusing on improving students’ spoken skills.
    Youbabel will assess the courses provide by teachers.We will try our best to give advice to teachers on what courses are popular in China.
    Meanwhile, we have developed a few courses which in our opinion will meet the needs and wants of the market here. We will invite some teachers to teach these courses.
    The qualified teacher can design own curriculum or implement existing courses designed by youbabel, both is permited.
    The students have the right to choose their favourite teachers. The student can decide on how many classes they will take. It is very flexible
    If a teacher can provide more credentials, we will be able to recommend him or her to more demanding students who are willign to pay higher rates.
    But we do think that a teacher is basically qualified if he or she speaks standard English.
    What is the process to begin teaching using your online interface?
    First of all, you have to register as a teacher at
    Secondly, you log in and upload a portrait ( according to the required format and less than 1M) and a video to introduce yourself (show your stuandard accent ,your skill, your advantage, let the students know and like you. the video using the FLV fromat, less than 10M, length is about 1 minute), complete your related information, such as your paypal account, your skype ID, your mail box, your telephone number, your college education, your hobbies.
    Thirdly, you add courses which you think you are best at, with detailed information (to describe the content, the possible client, the solved problem, the result).
    Finally, you set class times in My Calendar in your member center ( let the students know when is your available schedule befor reversing). If the students reserved your class, you will find the news in your member center and please have your class in time on skype.
    After class, you will get your students evaluation. You also need give the students evaluation. So that the students can find his or her progresss. If the students and you all confirmed the class, your balance account will get the money number (we collect 20% commission).
    How to get your wage?
    You will get your wage once a month and can check your balance at any time. We will transfer your wage by paypal acocunt to you.
    Our website was just launched. But we have a big promotion to make in this spring in China. We expect an great increase of students by June. Any quesiton, welcome to ask us online or by mail.
    We are lookign forward to you joining us.

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