Improved Job Prospects

Earning a living in todays competitive world becomes more complicated every day. One of the most important aspects that prospective employers look for in their employees is their communication abilities, especially international communication by talking English.

“The accepted language of international air travel for pilots and air-traffic control operators is English. And the fact remains that this language is still, for a high percentage of the world’s business population, the language of trade, industry and commerce.”

The above quote, comes from the Times & Star article regarding how to  improve your employability by improving your English, describes the increasing importance in almost every profession of maintaining a good level for talking English.

International companies frequently carry out nearly all of their business operations talking English where many applications like  Skype have made it possible for these companies to have a 7/24 hour connection between branches in different locations,  business being communicated in English.

Travelling the world today has become so easy that many people have chosen to live and work in a multitude of countries. Here again talking English is a major factor in their workstyle and indeed their lifestyle.

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